American Dad volume 2 import (dvd nieuw)

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American Dad vol.2 (dvd)

Over de serie:
Terrorists (and all of you bed-wetting-hippie-liberal types) beware! Ultra-right-wing C.I.A. agent Stan Smith is back, taking names, and, well you know the rest. Join Stan, along with his hilariously offbeat family, as he spans the globe to make the world safe for democracy! If you're ready to support your country, and if you're ready for an outrageous animated farce from Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman and Seth MacFarlane, the creative mastermind behind Family Guy, you're ready for American Dad! Volume two. God Bless America!

Taal: Engels zonder Nederlandse ondertiteling
Speelduur: 398 minuten
Release date: 2006

Specificatie Omschrijving
Genre Animatie
Ondertiteling o.a. Nederlands en Frans
Leeftijd 12+
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