Andromeda (blu-ray nieuw)

Artikelnummer: 4020628908225
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€ 24,95

Andromeda - Tödlicher Staub aus dem All

(The Andromeda Strain)

Let op: Import movie: Taal Duits/Engels - Ondertiteling Duits/Engels (nieuw in steelbook)

Speelduur: 131 minuten
Oorspronkelijke release date: 1971 (!), blu-ray uitgave 2014

Robert Wise directs this sci-fi adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel. After a satellite crashes near a New Mexico village, the local residents begin dying out as a killer disease mysteriously sweeps through the area. By the time a team of scientists have arrived to investigate, the only survivors are an old tramp and an infant child. The team transfer them to an underground lab and work around the clock to identify the virus - which, it transpires, is somehow connected to an Earth bacteria-warfare project. The cast includes Arthur Hill, David Wayne and James Olson.

Specificatie Omschrijving
Genre Science Fiction, Sci-Fi
Ondertiteling Nederlands
Leeftijd 12+
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